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Hello, and Welcome to My Cooking Tips and Recipes topic. My name is Thomas and I have had years of cooking experience as a chef in various restaurants. I started this site to pass along some of my great cooking advice that I am sure you will enjoy. If you find this site interesting, please tell your friends about it. Thanks!


Sous Vide Cooking | Never Heard of That?

A Modern Way of Cooking Sous Vide??? Never heard of that? Well, while this may be something that is unfamiliar to some of you, it probably isn’t to the advanced cooking generation. The phrase is derived from the French language, and translates to the term “under vacuum.” It sounds complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. […]

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5 Helpful Tips for Keeping Leftovers Safe

Keeping Leftovers Safe As hard as you may try to portion your foods there will always be some leftovers. And with the hard economic times and the desire to eat the delicious food at some other time you cannot afford to throw away the leftovers. However, if you do not store the food safely it […]

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7 Tips for Using a Food Vacuum Sealer You Should Know

Once you buy a vacuum sealer, life becomes much easier, and you also save some cash. With a vacuum sealer, you never have to waste leftovers or miss out on a huge food sale simple because you do not have the means to preserve the extra food in case you buy it. However, every good […]

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The Perfect Method to Avoid Spoilage

Keeping the new foodstuff we obtain household goods and meats outlets in good condition is actually a perennial household matter that gets even worse every year. The quantity of air pollution inside our air won’t decrease in the longer term. On the other hand, as though the oxidizing aftereffect of air upon meals were not […]

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